A Return is a company whose purpose is to inspire people to take actions that have a positive impact on society. We are a concept. A social business. We came from surf to the world. We want to generate feedback for the places we go through the development of quality projects and products that stimulate social engagement and prioritize sustainable socio-environmental practices.

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Return projetos de impacto social
Return projetos de impacto social


We needed to get some feedback back to where we were going. With small attitudes, we began to act - but, especially, we wanted these actions to become inspiration for our friends.


Thus was born Return, with the purpose of inspiring people to generate a return wherever they go.

Surfing took us to know the world. We traveled to paradisiacal places to live incredible moments, gather friends and surf the best waves.

But these destinations, for the most part, were simpler places with little structure and a host of social problems that go unnoticed by those just going there to enjoy themselves and have fun. We began to realize this reality and this became a constant annoyance, where it no longer made sense to just travel to surf.



In Latin:

RE "again, back"

TORNARE "turn around, make a circular motion". 



The surfing universe inspires us. The lifestyle that goes beyond sports.


We have fun just as much as we create ecologically sound, economically viable, socially fair ideas, strategies and attitudes.


Transform the world around you in a positive way. Exerts great effect, influence.