A Return is a company whose purpose is to inspire people to take actions that have a positive impact on society. We are a concept. A social business. We came from surf to the world. We want to generate feedback for the places we go through the development of quality projects and products that stimulate social engagement and prioritize sustainable socio-environmental practices.

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Return projetos de impacto social
Return projetos de impacto social


Return and ElefShoes take the first steps together in the search for a more sustainable world. And they invite you to be part of this walk from now on.

Limited series of 60 unique pairs.

Developed through boat sails upcycling, material that takes 60 to 80 years to decompose when discarded in the environment.

100% recyclable and vegan

Raw cotton shoelaces


Recycled rubber outsole developed with waste tires, pet bottles and leftovers from other soles.

N 13º 54' 28.035''

W 16º 18' 3086'' 

Learn what this product can do around the world:


For each pair sold, we plant a tree in reforestation areas in Africa, together with the international NGO Trees. To date, more than 600 trees have been planted. The stamped location represents where the tree will be planted. For more details about the project, visit the Elef Shoes website.

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